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margarettudorMargaret Tudor (1489-1541.)

Older sister to Henry VIII, married three times- first to James IV, King of Scots and then Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus and finally to Henry Stewart. She was also the grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots and Mary’s second husband Lord Darnley (ew.)

Margaret was married to James at the age of 13, as with all royal marriages, this one was for political gain. Unfortunately, the marriage nor the politics worked out all that well.

Despite the arrangement, Margaret was madly in love with James- in the beginning… until she discovered his many, many mistresses and illegitimate children (manwhore.)

When James died in the battle at Flodden, Margaret became regent for their infant son, James V. When she married Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, she lost that regency and was exiled. Douglas was a… well, a loser. He was stole from her, had several mistresses, and left Margaret with no money, no power, and no contact with her son.

With her flip-flopping allegiances and bad marriages/annulments/etc., poor Margaret could have used some allies, or a BFF.