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Lavinia Fisher (1793-1820)

Lavinia is believed to be the first female mass murderer in the United States. Both her and her husband John were convicted of murder (well, they couldn’t prove the murder charges so it went down as “highway robbery”) and hanged for their crimes. After the conviction, Lavinia argued that they could not hang a married woman so they executed John first. Hmph, makes sense I suppose.

They owned a hotel in Charleston, SC,  the Six Mile Wayfarer. Well, a “hotel” is a place where you check in and check out- many guests at the Wayfarer never quite left. She would send male guests up to their room with a poisoned cup of tea which would put them in a deep enough sleep that her and John could rob, stab, and dump the bodies of these unfortunate travelers.

There are a lot of exaggerated legends surrounding this woman, so I’m not sure what is truth and what is fiction- but I still wouldn’t have tea with her.

Interesting tid-bit. The history books say that Mary Surratt was the first woman hanged in the United States for her roll in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln, however, Lavinia was executed 40 years prior.