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ElizabethWoodvilleElizabeth Woodville (1437-1492) was the Queen consort of England, married to King Edward IV.

Her father, Richard Woodville, a Knight from an old and respectable family married up when he secretly wed Jacquetta of Luxembourg without permission! Elizabeth seemed to follow in his footsteps a bit- as she was merely a subject of the court, despite her half-noble heritage, when Edward married her.

She is described as being “the most beautiful woman in the Island of Britain, with heavy-lidded eyes like those of a dragon.” Hmmm… not sure I would take that as a compliment (my husband likes to call me “the rattler” and I don’t think he’s referring to beauty.)

Alas- Elizabeth plays a very important role in history as she was the mother of the “Princes in the Tower” an incredibly tragic story that I plan to paint at some point, and Elizabeth of York.

More importantly, she was Henry VIII’s grandmother and Elizabeth I’s great grandmother.