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Lillie Langtry (1853-1929) was a successful actress and more successful mistress.

She achieved overnight success in the most exclusive London social circles due to her mesmerizing looks and quick wit. In 1877 Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) became so infatuated with her, that she became is sort-of official mistress. He even introduced her to his mum- Queen Victoria and helped advance her acting career.

After letting her design and decorate Langtry Manor, he complained “I’ve spent enough on you to build a battleship” to which Lillie replied “And you’ve spent enough in me to float one.”

Bam! I like this woman.

After their affair fizzled, she also became the mistress of The Earl of Shrewsbury, and Prince Louis of Battenberg. When she became pregnant, Louis believed the baby to be his- and told his parents. They immediately gave her hush money and shipped Louis off on a warship. Lillie took the cash and retired from acting, fleeing for Paris with Arthur Jones- who was the real father of her daughter, Jeanne Marie.

After many more sordid affairs with royals, millionaires, and miscellaneous gentlemen, she died from pneumonia in 1929 in Monte Carlo.