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isabella1And you think you’re under a lot of pressure?

Isabella of Hainault (1170 – 1190) was Queen consort of France, married to King Philip II.

She married the King on April 28th, 1180. The marriage was arranged by her Uncle in an attempt to advance his own family. Philip was not pleased with his very young wife, and sought to have her dethroned when at age 14, she had not produced an heir. Overcome with grief, she appeared barefooted and dressed as a penitent (someone seeking forgiveness from God) in the town’s church. The people were so angry that she was being treated so horribly that the stormed the palace in protest.

Finally, in 1187, she gave birth to the future King Louis VIII of France.

In 1190, she gave birth again to twin boys, Robert and Philip. Isabella died the day after they were born and was buried in Notre Dame cathedral. She was 19. The twins only lived for four days.