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RoxelanaHürrem Haseki Sultan (1500-1558.)

Born in Poland, of Ukrainian descent, and buried in Istanbul… Hürrem was one of the most powerful women in the Ottoman empire. She played a very important role in politics and state affairs.

She was a prominent figure in the “Sultanate of Women,” a 130 year period when women of the Imperial Harem of the Ottoman Empire had extraordinary influence on the Sultans.

What I find the most interesting, aside from the fact that she was known for being extremely charitable and happy (she even established a public soup kitchen to the feed the poor in Jerusalem) are all her names:

Hürem Haseki Sultan, Roxelana, Alexandra Lisowaska, Roksolana, Rossa, Ruzica, Khurram, and Roxolany. I think some of these are nicknames and translation changes- but I need to do more research to sort it out.