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Marie Delphine LaLaurie (1775 – 1842.)

By all accounts, this woman was the devil. This evil socialite maintained a prominent position in New Orleans’ social circles- she wore beautiful clothes and had fabulous parties in her very posh mansion.

What guests didn’t know was that within those walls, existed a torture room- chock full of body parts, dead slaves, and living slaves- mutilated in ways that one just can’t fathom. Her revolting secret was discovered on the night the mansion caught fire. The slave cook (who was shackled to the stove) lit herself on fire to commit suicide rather than face the wrath of Madame LaLaurie. Firemen who discovered this mess ran from the scene vomiting. The slaves that survived begged to be killed.

I’d rather you look it up yourself than actually type out the things that were done.

When an outraged mob showed up at the LaLaurie Mansion, her and her husband escaped. Rumor has it that she took a boat to Paris (and died in a wild boar hunting accident) but no one knows for sure what happened to one of the top ten most evil women in history. She was never tried for her crimes.