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Marie Laveau (1794 – 1881) was the most famous and powerful voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She was known to be exceptionally beautiful and extremely powerful. There are creepy stories surrounding Marie, her pet snake “Zombi” and supposed blood-drenched rituals as well as reported sightings of her walking about New Orleans after she was known to be dead.

Some say that if you draw three “X’s” on her tomb she might grant you a wish- but the truth is, Marie had a vast network of informants throughout the French Quarter that gave her an “all-knowing” mystique (she also ran a brothel- which, garners it’s own type of blackmail/forced informant type scenario.) She combined Catholicism with the Occult to instill fear and gain power.

Ahem… but if I were to say… you know, just be passing by her grave-  I’d DEFINITELY draw the three X’s. You never know.