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Tituba was a 17th century slave in Salem, Massachusetts. She was one of the first to be accused of practicing witchcraft during this extremely dangerous time. Her confession was coerced, and she went down fighting so to speak. After confessing to speaking with the devil, she began accusing others -as well as- black dogs, hogs, a yellow bird, red and black rats, cats and a wolf. She confessed to riding sticks to various places and of seeing creatures with arms, legs and wings!

Honestly— I think Tituba (originally thought to be from Barbados) got caught practicing her own religion and knowing full well she didn’t stand a chance against a village of ignorant bigots- decided to just f— with everyone. Her random and unsettling confession sent everyone in Salem into a violent rampage.

Even though she confessed to a capital crime -and- she was a slave, she never stood trial, nor was she executed (at least, not a recorded execution.) She was said to have been released from jail after the trials- but there is no record of where she went.