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Moll Dyer (? – 1697) lived in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Her story is very shady in that there is no real record of her existence, or how she came to be a resident of Maryland. Some stories say that she lived an isolated life in a cottage outside of town- perhaps to escape a mysterious past. That, along with her reputation as an herbal healer, caused the town to label her a witch and blame her for their misfortune and hardships.

During a particularly harsh winter- many people in the village died from hunger and disease- the residents immediately blamed Moll. They lit her house on fire and chased her into the woods. She was found days later, frozen to death against a rock. Her frozen hand and knee left a permanent impression in the rock- assumed to be a reminder of the curse she left on the town. That boulder currently sits outside the Leonardtown, MD courthouse.

Between sightings of a ghostly woman in the woods, and reports of malfunctioning cameras and odd, mysterious aches and pains, and off-putting feelings  when near the rock- Moll’s story inspired the plot of the 1999 file, “The Blair Witch Project.”