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I’ve always been intrigued (and creeped out) by images of “The Plague Doctor.” In April of 1665, the Great Plague struck London. By August it had spread to other English towns and cities, and by the end of the year it had claimed a hundred thousand lives. Through these horrible times, there were all sorts of evil people selling crazy concoctions and lucky charms to ward off the sickness, this is an illustrated recipe for Plague Water- one of the more common recipes used by those who had to wait it out.

It has since been proven that those who survived had genetic resistance, however, A fourteen year old  Sir Dudley North caught the plague and was shut up in his father’s London home. His mother looked after him and his sister who also had the plague. Both survived but nothing is known about the treatment their mother gave to them.

Hmmm… maybe they had toads, maybe they smoked lots of tobacco… or maybe they had this recipe.