Princess Elisabeth of Saxony (1830 – 1910) married the second son to the King of Sardinia- Ferdinand, the Duke of Genoa at the age of 20. Despite the fact that this wedding was an extremely elaborate event, the marriage was loveless.

Call me crazy, but most of these inbred, pre-arranged, power/land driven marriages are all loveless- so that little fact gets old when doing research on these people. (Don’t even get me started on the Habsburgs.) What makes me think that I’d have liked this princess is that after the death of her first husband, she fell in love with, and secretly married Niccolò, Marchese Rapallo (just say that name- how sexy is that!?!)  before her “official mourning period” had ended. Hooray for a devil-may-care Princess!

However, her brother-in-law was so angry he forced her into exile and she was forbidden from seeing her two children- Margherita of Savoy (Queen of Italy) and Thomas, 2nd Duke of Genoa. A very harsh price to pay for finally finding passion.