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I think it’s because I’m SO in love with Deborah Harkness’ second book in the All Souls Trilogy that I’m feeling another day trip to Salem, MA is in my near future. It’s eerie, magical, historical, wonderful, and whacky all at the same time. The House of Seven Gables, the Witch Museum, the Wiccans offering palm readings… just amazing. Growing up in Massachusetts, I’ve had the opportunity to study it’s history a bit and visit all the museums and memorials— I love discussing theories as to what was the cause of the hysteria and what Tituba was really up to. What really gets my goat though (heh) is that the real witches dungeon was discovered by telephone workers in the late 50’s. This prison had cells of all sizes- from spacious accommodations fit for a family to a standing-room-only-box. Since you had to pay for your prison space, it all depended on how much money you or your family had. Yikes. I don’t see my 3 brothers forking over money to keep me in jail… just sayin’.