Caroline of Brunswick (1768-1821) was the vulgar, outspoken, perverted and foul-smelling wife of her cousin, George IV of England. She is described as having “no strong innate notions of the value or necessity of an acquired morality” as well has having a rather large head.

George was repulsed by her and brought his mistress on their honeymoon. Upon their return, Caroline began to drink and party in excess, had many sexual exploits, and exposed herself in public on numerous occasions. She was eventually forced to leave England due to her shocking behavior. She was humiliated in court and refused to return to England, until…

She found out her father-in-law had passed away and her estranged husband was to be crowned king. All of her attempts to attend the coronation were blocked, but she still showed up at Westminster Abbey, dressed in something awful- kicking and screaming to be let in.

Get yourself together woman!

She died a few weeks later, humiliated and defeated. Some records say she died from a blockage in her intestines, but some say she was poisoned.