Westminster Abbey was built by Edward the Confessor in 1042. The “Confessor” title means ‘one who resolutely proclaims the faith in the face of danger or adversity.’

Poets, Kings, Queens, Mistresses, Artists, Scientists… there are many many many noteworthy folks buried at the Abbey (I would LOVE to be buried there… just a little personal FYI.) People like: Geoffrey Chaucer, Catherine of Valois, Anne of Cleves, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickes, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Isaac Newton, and loads of Mary’s, Edwards and Henry’s.

The most interesting arrangement in the Abbey is the fact that Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots are buried across the hall from each other– along with the Bloody Mary, who specifically requested NOT to be buried in the same tomb as her half-sister Elizabeth (request denied.) Yikes… talk about “rolling over in your grave” Poor Mary Tudor and Mary Stuart are most likely not resting in peace.