Ahhh.. the lovely Anne Boleyn. She‘s always bothered me a bit- seducing a married man already seduced by her sister, and proven political pawn. She dressed in yellow to celebrate the death of Catherine of Aragorn (Henry’s first wife.) Evil!

Interesting little tidbit about her death… Henry, in an act of mercy (whatever), had her sentence for treason commuted from burning to beheading. Also- he couldn’t have her beheaded with a commoner’s axe but brought in Jean Rombaud, an expert swordsman to perform the execution. She was beheaded while kneeling upright, and Jean said “where is my sword?” to distract her as he swiftly took her head off with one clean blow. There was no proper burial or even a coffin. Pretty horrible ending for the mother of Elizabeth I.

Two weeks later, fatso married Jane Seymour.